Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Setting!


I thought it may be a plan to show a map of the Nuclear Renaissance's main setting of Junktown (picture courtesy of Ramshackle Games)


A sprawling slum built atop the intersection of two large and well travelled roads. It is a mecca for traders selling their wares, travellers seeking shelter and mercenaries looking for the next job.All of this is over seen by the ever present Friendly Panda Chemical Corporation which maintains an Iron grip on Junktown, sending all troublemakers off to work in the company’s narcotics factory. All though their influence doesn’t extend beyond Junktown’s scrap metal walls, inside they are judge, jury and executioner, truly a force to be feared.

With a fair range of different gangs and forces to chose from Im not sure just which one I am going to attempt to paint first but am quite tempted to have a go at building a religious movement like the brotherhood of scrap from the old Judge Dredd comic. I do believe that the Friendly Pandas will have to get a showing too as you cant go wrong with a bunch of chemed up goons acting as enforcers of the law!

In my next post I will take a look at some of the forces mentioned in the rules and the possibilities for interesting gangs!

All the best!

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