Thursday, 28 January 2010

Picking Ramshackle Brains!


Well I got back from uni this afternoon to find the postman had failed to deliver a parcel so I will have to go and pick it up in the morning! Rage!

Still I will have all Saturday to rummage through the contents of the Nuclear Renaissance box set and will try and get a review up ASAP!

In other news I pestered Curtis over at Ramshackle for some info on what plans he has for developing the game, background and miniatures over the coming months. Its all sounding quite promising!

Essentially theres a supplement planned called The Tome Of Tridlins, and will contain new background, art, extra rules and campaign settings. Also included will be many of the abilities and skills dropped from the new edition of the core rules.

To top it off there will be rules for beasts, mutants, zombies, hoverboards, tunneling machines and some new gang types! All very exciting!

As for figures, it looks like we are going to be getting a veritable hoard of goodies including future soldiers (One of the new gangs will be a militaristic one, with rules for deploying squads), giant and normal sized wolves (with and without riders!), zombies, mutants and other beasties as time permits!

Im really looking forward to getting my hands on some wolves so I can add to my wolf clan but all the other stuff should be good too!

All the best!


  1. Curtis mentioned the tome of tridlins to me as well and it sounds very cool indeed. I've already offered to help out with some creative writing rules checking for Curtis. I'm really excited for the reintroduction of some of the older rules as they bring so much character to the game. I think Curtis was right though to set a solid basis for the game as it stands and then to expand on it over time.

    I hadn't heard about any of the figures though. How cool they all sound. I really like his imagination for the new figures to make and the modularity of all of his vehicles. I think it's handy for him too. If you look at Grendel (the truck with the big crane) you can see several of the parts from the Boneyard truck that were incorporated. Likewise with the Brass coffin (the chunky green armoured one) and the Chimera. It's good as it helps Curtis make big models more easily as well as retaining continuity in the game feel.

  2. Hi!

    Its going to be really interesting to see what Curtis comes up with next!

    Im quite tempted to start sketching some concept art for the setting!

    All the best!