Friday, 19 February 2010

Wasteland Scenics


Heres a couple of pictures of my new scenery that Ive been working on recently:

Storage Tanks

Another View Of The Storage Tanks

Ruined Forge

Another View Of The Forge

Made form an assortment of bits and bobs ranging from old ink cartridges to marker pens, the scenery didnt cost me anything to build and was textured with some spray paint I picked up for a couple of pounds in homebase!

I went for a really rusty and dirty look for the whole lot as they are supposed to be remnants of a post apocalyptic landscape and are roughly the size of a CD.

While I was in homebase I picked up some other bits and bobs which will also be getting turned into dwellings and random scenery over the course of the next few weeks!

All the best!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Grafted Gubbins!


I spotted these bits and bobs from Max Mini:

Mechanical Legs

Mechanical Shooters

They might make a decent conversion for some Nuclear Renaissance gangers!

All the best!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Painted Stuff At Last!


Heres some pictures of my stuff at last!

First off theres Gilgamesh Giggles:

Gilgamesh Giggles

I love this miniature and was really surprised how big it actually is! The detailing on it is really nice and he looms over the rest of his clan. I plan on using the same chipped yellow scheme on the rest of the clan along with their mighty vehicle Grendel!

Big Uli, Wolf Clanner

Next up heres Big Uli, one of my Wolf Clan gangers. Originally a Grenadier barbarian, hes available from EM4 Miniatures. Although hes a fantasy miniature, he fits in quite well with the Wolf Clan concept!

Hopefully I will get chance to get some more painting done over the course of the week and be able to add another of the Giggles onto the site ASAP!

All the best!

Steampunk Russia UPDATED!


Heres another miniature I spotted from a Russian company called Ratnik:

He has some possibility for another Bandlerd character but alas theres no price as yet!

All the best


Heres another of the Ratnik steampunk types:

I love the character this guy has with his mad multi barreled pistol, goggles and cigar chomping!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

More Nuclear Renaissance Gubbins!


Heres some pictures of Peter W of Ghost Nebulae's Nuclear Renaissance collection:

Assorted Converted Vehicles

Another View Of The Conversions

I really like the conversion work hes done on the vehicles. The Boneyard truck on the right has been equipped with Hurricane Bolters from the GW land raider giving whatever gang fields it a terrifying amount of firepower while the other two vehicles are made from miscasts available on request from Ramshackle for a small fee. The trike tailed red wagon is rather nice as it reminds me of a boat with an outboard motor!


The Giggles Clan

Assorted Heroes Left To Right: Mrs Muffin, Isambard Kickass Brunell, Mr Sniketty, Admiral Leopold Horatio III And Trixie

It looks like the Giggles clan and the Society of Intrepid Explorers are fast becoming a favourite with the Wastelanders (at £5-8 for a pack of four characterful miniatures you cant go far wrong!)

Ive got family visiting at the moment so gaming and painting is out for the next week but I shall continue to post any images or articles I spot that might be of interest!

All the best!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mr Snikkity and Lots More Beside!


Heres another of Thorbjorns paintjobs, this time of Mr Snikkity, one of the Society of Intrepid Explorers:

Mr Snikkity

A rather creepy looking character in trenchcoat and tophat, Mr Snikkity is armed with two clawlike arms ending in long scissor like fingers. I have always liked the miniature and the paintjob on it is really rather good too!

With his bionic limbs and overcoat he looks like he could be an upmarket Giggles!

Speaking of the Giggles heres a picture of Thorbjorns version of Vulcan:

Vulcan Giggles

And finally one of the Ironwall Wasters vehicles:

The Stoat!

I really love the battered and post apocalyptic look of all the vehicles and equipment and really wish I was faster at painting!

In other news Ive FINALLY finished Gilgamesh and hope to get a picture of him posted ASAP!

All the best!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unusual New Gang Possibilities


Ive been perusing the Ral Partha Europe site for some assorted bits and bobs and spotted these guys in the Mage Knight Metal range and thought they might make a nice, if somewhat well armed, gang for Nuclear Renaissance:

Khamsin Freelancer

Khamsin Fuser

Black Powder Boomer

Khamsin Gunslinger

For some reason they remind me of the Ramshackle sculpting style and they all have a certain post apocalyptic look to them, especially the boomer with his ridiculous gloves and big gun and with the similar look to them all, I suspect they may be making an appearance, possibly as either bounty hunters or law enforcement in a future game!

All the best!

More Scenery!


Alas my new camera hasnt arrived yet but rather than not adding anything to the blog I thought Id post a couple of pictures of more of my post apocalyptic terrain!

Industrial Building


Both buildings are made from simple boxes or polystyrene with a load of assorted bits stuck on followed by a grubby paintjob. Alas they too have been long gone but I hope to re-create the same sort of look for my Nuclear Renaissance games. The only main change that I would make would be to use a more muted brown colour scheme which is more inkeeping with the new scenery I have!

Heres a pre made piece of scenery I got from the old Vor box set:

Vor Ruin

Made of plastic its free standing but I added a base of foamcore. It paints up really nicely and I have about a dozen of them sitting around waiting to be painted. Unfortunately theres only the one design which could lead to a rather repetitive looking battlefield so I may have to do some conversion work on them before they are done. I really like the weird hatch on it and the melted effect on the top (Just what you need in your post apocalyptic wastes!)

Next up heres some possible conversion fodder for a new member of the Giggles Clan in the form of a repainted mining mech from the now defunct mechwarrior plastic range. They still turn up on ebay for peanuts and are well worth grabbing as they paint up really nicely and fit in quite well with the heavily grafted Giggles.

When the missile launcher and heavy weapon have been removed and some sort of close combat one put in its place its just about perfect for a motorised rig for the Giggles clan!

Mining Mech

Ive nearly finished Gilgamesh now and hope to move onto one of the other Giggles, possibly Grizelda, over the course of the next week or so!

Also I just wanted to say Hi to the two newest followers of the blog Haakon and Colonel Kane! Hopefully I will soon have some more useful gubbins on the blog (I know I keep saying that but what the hey, at some point I might actually do it!)

All the best!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Scenic Madness


Heres a couple of pictures of some of my old scenery:

Alas I sold it all a while back but I hope to get some more put together to use in the Wastelands. Its made from a few small cardboard boxes and an assortment of bits and pieces!

More Painted Nuclear Renaissance Goodies!


Another quick update with some more pictures of painted Nuclear Renaissance stuff:

Gilgamesh Giggles


Again the miniatures are painted by Thorbjorn Nielson and, as with the previous post of the Giggles clan are really excellent! I especially like the angry looking dungers and the contrast between the rusted hulk of Gilgamesh's body and the clean looking rags!

If anyone else has aqny pictures of painted Nuclear Renaissance or Ramshackle Games miniatures please feel free to let me know and I will post them here!

All the best!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Painted Giggles Clan!


Heres a picture I got off the lead adventure forum of a painted sample of some of the Giggles Clan:


The miniatures are painted by Thorbjorn Nielson and are really rather nice! I love the background scenery too, it really fits in well with the wastes of the Nuclear Renaissance setting!

Ive been working on Gilgamesh Giggles myself and hope to have him finished over the course of the next couple of days!

All the best