Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More Scenery!


Alas my new camera hasnt arrived yet but rather than not adding anything to the blog I thought Id post a couple of pictures of more of my post apocalyptic terrain!

Industrial Building


Both buildings are made from simple boxes or polystyrene with a load of assorted bits stuck on followed by a grubby paintjob. Alas they too have been long gone but I hope to re-create the same sort of look for my Nuclear Renaissance games. The only main change that I would make would be to use a more muted brown colour scheme which is more inkeeping with the new scenery I have!

Heres a pre made piece of scenery I got from the old Vor box set:

Vor Ruin

Made of plastic its free standing but I added a base of foamcore. It paints up really nicely and I have about a dozen of them sitting around waiting to be painted. Unfortunately theres only the one design which could lead to a rather repetitive looking battlefield so I may have to do some conversion work on them before they are done. I really like the weird hatch on it and the melted effect on the top (Just what you need in your post apocalyptic wastes!)

Next up heres some possible conversion fodder for a new member of the Giggles Clan in the form of a repainted mining mech from the now defunct mechwarrior plastic range. They still turn up on ebay for peanuts and are well worth grabbing as they paint up really nicely and fit in quite well with the heavily grafted Giggles.

When the missile launcher and heavy weapon have been removed and some sort of close combat one put in its place its just about perfect for a motorised rig for the Giggles clan!

Mining Mech

Ive nearly finished Gilgamesh now and hope to move onto one of the other Giggles, possibly Grizelda, over the course of the next week or so!

Also I just wanted to say Hi to the two newest followers of the blog Haakon and Colonel Kane! Hopefully I will soon have some more useful gubbins on the blog (I know I keep saying that but what the hey, at some point I might actually do it!)

All the best!


  1. Looks great to me. I really like the scenery you've got going on here. Can't wait to read a battle report and find out how the game plays.


  2. Well Ive finished Gilgamesh at last but Ive got my family visiting over the weekend so wont get chance to play a game until after theyve left!

    All the best!

  3. I really like the cables you've hung on all the terrain. Instant detail.

    I'm thinking that the robot is a bit too "tech" for my tastes and my view of NR. You could of course "dumb it down".

  4. You cant go far wrong with lots of cabling! Its all made from green plastic coated garden wire and is also useful for railings and ladders!

    The robot, with a head swap and possibly some sort of rags made from miliput or greenstuff along with a smokestack might be a bit more suitable...

    He does need his weapons removing though!

  5. I'm hoping to get some terrain done too sooner or later. It's one of the aspects of gaming that I love the most. I don't have your skill though (yet!).

    One of my ambitions is to make a city entirely made out of leftover stuff pillaged from the dump and recycled stuff from the second hand store.

  6. Painting scenery made from boxes and assorted tat is really easy, and your post apocalyptic backgrounds are cracking!

    I think that if you paint any buildings in the same sort of style you cant go far wrong!

    An entire city of salvaged stuff would look fantastic!

    All the best!