Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mr Snikkity and Lots More Beside!


Heres another of Thorbjorns paintjobs, this time of Mr Snikkity, one of the Society of Intrepid Explorers:

Mr Snikkity

A rather creepy looking character in trenchcoat and tophat, Mr Snikkity is armed with two clawlike arms ending in long scissor like fingers. I have always liked the miniature and the paintjob on it is really rather good too!

With his bionic limbs and overcoat he looks like he could be an upmarket Giggles!

Speaking of the Giggles heres a picture of Thorbjorns version of Vulcan:

Vulcan Giggles

And finally one of the Ironwall Wasters vehicles:

The Stoat!

I really love the battered and post apocalyptic look of all the vehicles and equipment and really wish I was faster at painting!

In other news Ive FINALLY finished Gilgamesh and hope to get a picture of him posted ASAP!

All the best!


  1. Thor really has the painting side of post-apocalyptic stuff down. I hope that I can get my things to look like his when my order finally gets here. We've been slammed with two massive snowstorms so there is more than 2 feet of white stuff outside now. I'm sure that's having some impact on the mail service from England.

    I'll be taking some more pictures of my Ramshackle stuff soon. If you want me to send them to you drop me an email at


  2. Hi!

    Ive sent you a quick email and am looking forward to seeing what youve done! Ive been perusing your blog with interest and like the conversions youve been doing on the Ramshackle vehicles!

    Weve had a dusting of snow and everywhere closed down! Joy!

    All the best!