Thursday, 11 February 2010

More Nuclear Renaissance Gubbins!


Heres some pictures of Peter W of Ghost Nebulae's Nuclear Renaissance collection:

Assorted Converted Vehicles

Another View Of The Conversions

I really like the conversion work hes done on the vehicles. The Boneyard truck on the right has been equipped with Hurricane Bolters from the GW land raider giving whatever gang fields it a terrifying amount of firepower while the other two vehicles are made from miscasts available on request from Ramshackle for a small fee. The trike tailed red wagon is rather nice as it reminds me of a boat with an outboard motor!


The Giggles Clan

Assorted Heroes Left To Right: Mrs Muffin, Isambard Kickass Brunell, Mr Sniketty, Admiral Leopold Horatio III And Trixie

It looks like the Giggles clan and the Society of Intrepid Explorers are fast becoming a favourite with the Wastelanders (at £5-8 for a pack of four characterful miniatures you cant go far wrong!)

Ive got family visiting at the moment so gaming and painting is out for the next week but I shall continue to post any images or articles I spot that might be of interest!

All the best!


  1. I just got my next batch of Ramshackle models through. Lots and lots of miscasts in this bunch. I think I will be able to make a whole new host of cool vehicles to play with.

    I've started up a brief writeup of how I made the vehicle conversions and will pass it on to you as soon as it's done.


  2. Hi!

    Thanks for that! I will post it all on my blog!

    How did you manage to get the miscasts? Do you just ask as Im tempted to see if I can get hold of a load for wrecks and assorted conversions!

    All the best!

  3. Looking good.

    Interesting vehicles.

    I doubt any real NR fan will be able to pass up on the Bandlerd people.

    I'll have to get the rest of the Giggles though. How can I be doing Giggles without the Papa!?!

  4. All too true!

    They could do with some firepower as well with the addition of the engine cannon wielding Giggles too as at present they havent really got any ranged weaponry.

    The Bandlerd folks are a brilliant combination of post apocalyptic and Victorian ladies and gents!

    All the best!

  5. For the miscasts you should just check with Curtis via email when you order. It varies depending on how much space there is (in terms of postage weight) but he packs the extra space with pieces in return for a few pounds. I got a great stack of stuff in the last order that I picked up yesterday. I'll add some photos to my blog soon.

    Thanks for the comments on the vehicles. I initially was going to use the models only as 40k pieces and so having all the guns was fine. 2 Hurricane bolters and a machine gun (see the front headlight area) isn't that much in 40k but in NR it's way overkill so I may need to play it differenly in game.

    I am going to clean up and check out all of my cool pieces this afternoon so I will photo them at that time.