Sunday, 7 February 2010

Scenic Madness


Heres a couple of pictures of some of my old scenery:

Alas I sold it all a while back but I hope to get some more put together to use in the Wastelands. Its made from a few small cardboard boxes and an assortment of bits and pieces!


  1. Oh! That looks really well done.

    I'd say it's all in the paintjob. The buildings themselves look very simplistic. I think I'll see if I can copy some of that into my "space base".

  2. The construction was indeed simple (essentially just some boxes with strips of card to mark out doors and windows)

    A decent paint job can make just about anything look good! Ive got a couple of pieces Ive finished for the upcoming campaign which are made from some assorted plastic containers and old marker pens but with some suitable painting and weathering they dont look too bad!

    All the best!