Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unusual New Gang Possibilities


Ive been perusing the Ral Partha Europe site for some assorted bits and bobs and spotted these guys in the Mage Knight Metal range and thought they might make a nice, if somewhat well armed, gang for Nuclear Renaissance:

Khamsin Freelancer

Khamsin Fuser

Black Powder Boomer

Khamsin Gunslinger

For some reason they remind me of the Ramshackle sculpting style and they all have a certain post apocalyptic look to them, especially the boomer with his ridiculous gloves and big gun and with the similar look to them all, I suspect they may be making an appearance, possibly as either bounty hunters or law enforcement in a future game!

All the best!


  1. Loving them. I also like some of the Warmachine sculpts for their potential. Perhaps a warjack to represent armour (like Gilgamesh) and some of the more ragged Mercenary types for characters.

    Also Malifaux has some great models. How about:

    or http://coolminiornot.com/220576

  2. Hi!

    Its still me! Im just using my other account as its quicker than logging in and out all the time!

    I shall have a peruse through the linkage as soon as I get chance!

    I had actually thought of the warmachine stuff as a possible option for Nuclear Renaissance. I just wish they werent so expensive!

    Another option is the Darkage range as theres some nice, if expensive, miniatures for their range too!

    All the best!

  3. Hmm.. the top two ones are not really spot on I think. Too bulky or something.

    The lower two ones are better. I could see them as PA minis.

  4. I can see where you are coming from with the bulk but I think that if I painted the armour to look like rusted scrap salvaged from some wreck it might look alright.

    As they were originally plastic mageknight miniatures I figure I could probably pick up the originals online somewhere for pennies and then hack them up as required!

    All the best!