Sunday, 10 January 2010

Miniature Ponderings!


Well I've almost got my uni work finished for the semester and have taken a little time out to have a bit of a rummage through my bits box to see what suitable stuff I might have for Nuclear Renaissance.

The result has been quite a few conversion bits and four of EM4s barbarians. Ive converted one so hes holding a SMG while the others are staying as they are, armed with nothing but big swords or axes. Theres one guy with a helmet I plan on converting somewhat so hes got some heavy scrap made armour but that will have to wait a bit! Ive also found some old plastic GW wolves which are going to come in handy...

Once I've fished out my camera I will take some pics of the miniatures once they are painted but its a promising start to my Wolf Clan gang. I need to get myself some more gun toting types and a vehicle to roar around in too to make them a more viable force but I shall be interested to see how a bunch of sword wielding barbarians perform in the wastelands of the Nuclear Renaissance!

All the best

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