Friday, 8 January 2010

Nuclear Renaissance Forces: The Neo-Reich


Just a quick update with another of the factions from the Wasteland: The Neo-Reich!

The Neo-Reich are a small elitist faction of hard line disciplinarians based in the catacombs. From the murky half-lit hell in which they dwell they launch lightning raids, before disappearing back to their troglodyte home from whence they came. They are one of the most organised and well motivated factions in the wastes, believing in efficiency, self sacrifice and order in all things, zealously striving to forge a new Empire, or ‘Reich’ based on their extreme meritocratic ideals.

They are almost universally feared and loathed, as their vision of a new world order is in now way flexible or open to diversions based on compassion or compromise. They are brutal, cold, inflexible but above all, effective. Their numbers are small, largely due to their own high standards when recruiting new initiates, but ever growing and their lightning raids are beginning to look ever more like the foundations for a war of conquest than simple hit and runs. In war they favor close assault tactics over ranged conflict and small numbers of well equipped and well trained troops to mass assault.

The armored infantry of the Neo-Reich are some of the best equipped troops in the wastes, certainly the only political entity to have any notion of standardization of equipment as well as the means to produce new items rather than simply scavenge. Their warriors are all well versed in close quarters fighting, and their underground realm has bread into them a natural affinity for CQB, particularly in night time conditions. Their allies are few and far between, although they have been known to have dealings with some characters of note, such as Stanton and, less frequently, El Honcho.

At last some real villains! The Neo-Reich are the bad guys everyone loves to hate with their fascist ideals and warlike nature. I think they are going to be another early addition to my campaign as theres loads of suitable miniatures out there and a herd of goose stepping nazis will be perfect for all sorts of scenarios!

I plan on using a few bits and pieces from the old Warzone range to form the basis of the Neo-Reich. Some uniformed storm troopers with an officer and some sort of armoured vehicle will be required to plague the locals with!

Theres plenty of opportunity to field everything from Neo-Reich sympathisers wearing pointy sheets and terrorising the local mutant population right up to and including some elite troops and with the huge variety of Weird War 2 miniatures available at preset theres bound to be something useful to be found!

Next up will probably be the township of Bandlerd!

All the best!

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