Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nuclear Renaissance Forces: The Wasteland Loonies


Heres the next of the gangs fighting in the wastes surrounding Junktown: The Wasteland Loonies!

The Wasteland Loonies started out like any other good for nothing gang of thieves, murderers all round scum. Thats how it started, until one day they signed up a young, enthusiastic psycho whose original name is now lost to history. At some point in his career, he took a wound to the head and somewhat mentally unbalanced, taking the Loonies anarchistic lifestyle to heart, renaming himself General Anarchy and proclaiming a crusade against any who would consider themselves organised.

The Wasteland Loonies now wander from place to place tearing down town walls, burning meeting halls and brutally killing any forms of local government. The now infamous General Anarchy seems to have inspired a movement of sorts, as now, along with his original Wasteland Loonies there are other such gangs with similar goals, including King Burger's Outland Anarchists and The Harlequin Boys led by Big Daddy Harlequin. They all compete with each other to perform the biggest, wildest stunt in the name of their cause. All of them are wildly disorganised, brutally violent and totally insane. Avoid if possible.

The Wasteland Loonies are a perfect example of post apocalyptic gangers. Imagine the baddies from Mad Max 2, barbaric nutters with mohawks and an assortment of guns and rusty vehicles! Alas there arent any official miniatures for them at present but the EM4 range has loads of useful types who would fit the bill.

I will try and add a bit more info to their entry tomorrow but Im a tad busy with uni work at the mo so will have to make this a brief entry!

All the best!

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