Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nuclear Renaissance Forces: The Friendly Panda Chemical Coproration


Heres the next of the factions fighting for dominance in the Nuclear Renaissance Setting: The Friendly Panda Chemical Corporation!


The Friendly Panda Chemical Corporation is a powerful, ruthless organisation operating out of the town of Junktown, which they own. They make most of their money through sales of various chemicals, both recreational and industrial. They also make a plenty of profit from gate tolls and the protection rackets inside Junktown.

The town is protected and kept (mostly) quiet by an army of Friendly Panda enforcers. These are for the most part poorly trained and low paid thugs in uniforms, but they do maintain some elite shock troops in case of emergencies. However, their power, at least in a direct military sense, stops at the walls of Junktown, for if there were a drop in the amount of troops on the walls, every mutant, bandit and nomad in the area would be at the gates within hours.

I think the FPCC may be one of the first gangs to collect as they would make for a great campaign with the corporate bully boys trying to extend the FPCC influence into the surrounding areas, working protection for chemical convoys or carrying out raids on opposing factions. From their description the corporation have access to quite a lot of vehicles and lowly thugs o back them up (possibly hiring some local gangers as additional muscle)


  1. FPCC was my first choice too.

    No one does Star Wars without the Empire after all.

    I think I want all my troops to wear gasmasks. Trouble is getting miniatures without guns in modern clothing. Not the easiest thing.

    Any thoughts on what you'll be using?

  2. Hi!

    I think that some of the old Warzone miniatures would do the trick! Theres also a few companies that are producing gas mask heads separately.

    Max Mini has some nice looking ones here:

    On a side note they also do a pack called Steam Knights which would be perfect for the Scrap Knights!

    West Wind Productions also make quite a few (the Germans are perfect for the Neo Reich in Nuclear Renaissance!)

    Other than that Im not too sure as yet! I dont really want a bunch of suits, although they may make some good higher level types. I suspect I may have to trawl through the various manufacturers till I find something suitable!