Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Nuclear Renaissance Forces: The Scrap Knights


Heres the latest of the Nuclear Renaissance forces in the form of the Scrap Knights:

The Scrap Knights are the smallest faction in the wastes to hold any real renown. However their miniscule amount of manpower is offset by their ferocious elitism. This is not to say they are as closed minded as the Neo Reich, or as down right unpredictable as the Giggles clan, but their methods are not those of great conquests and statesmanship. Rather small adventurous expeditions, normally for lost technology, demanding only the most stalwart of souls and deadly of combatants.

Stanton: Core Member of the Scrap Knights

Their three core members or the three S's as they are colloquially known, are Stanton, Staveley and Stirling. They have no clear leader, preferring to act as a council. A fact that means should one of the three ever fall a new Knight would have to be promoted to the upper echelons, a process with no precedent. Besides the three scrap knights there are an ever fluctuating number of 'scrap-squires'; A ragged mix of wide eyed hopefuls, desperate hangers-on and the odd blood thirsty loon who's spent a little too long in bat country.

All Scrap Knights share a distinctive fighting style, being very defensive, waiting on an opening in an enemy’s defence into which they can launch a lightning fast counter strike or grapple. Amongst the wastes they currently hold a monopoly on the knowledge of the most deadly close combat techniques, but are willing to train those who would serve with them for a fixed term. The Neo-Reich in particular trains many of its assault troops with the scrap knights in exchange for metals and other resources and the Wolf clan occasionally send a young brave to spar with them.

Heavily Armoured (and Huge) Scrap Knight Staverley

On the field the Scrap knights favour the heaviest of heavy armour and fast transports, which goes some way to compensating for their idiosyncratic eschewing of ranged weapons. This odd and arguably counter productive behaviour is due to their strict honour code. In the wastelands being captured by the Scrap Knights is one of the few instances of incarceration which is not guaranteed to end in execution. Although one of the three high council members, Phabian Stirling, has been known to turn a blind eye to the honour code on more than one occasion, but is sufficiently cunning as to have gotten away with it thus far.

The Scrap Knights are a good example of a small force of characters supported by a few trusted minions. With their choice of close combat weapons and fast transports I can see them being quite deadly, as long as they can make it into close combat! Also a force consisting of junk armoured knights mounted on motorbikes is quite appealing!

Spiker: Possible Scrap Knight!

Theres still a couple of factions to cover and then I hope to get some pics of miniatures sorted out!

All the best!

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