Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ramshackle To Release Fantasy Range


Im actually off on my hols at the moment so havent had chance to update my blog for a while but news has come through of Ramshackle Games fantasy range.

Heres a picture of the Giant:

Ramshackle Giant

He looks perfect for a really big mutant and the orcs are rather nice too! The range will launch with orc archers, trolls, goblin bolt thrower and a couple of mounted goblin mages, not to mention a goblin war giant!

Once Im back from holiday I will set to painting up some of the Nuclear Renaissance miniatures I have kicking about!

All the best!


  1. I posted up news about that as well. Great looking stuff from Curtis and that giant is definitely coming to play in my Nuclear Renaissance games as soon as it is released.

    I've also managed to kick off my painting sloth and have got a few models done. Now I have the Society of Intrepid Explorers and Society against Mischief finished. I'm working on my two bikers, have done one of the Ironwall wasters and I'm a fair way through painting Stanton. I can't face any vehicles right now but it's fun to work on the figures.

  2. Hi!

    Apologies for the delay in updating the site! I may give Curtis an email and see if he wants posting abilities on the blog so he can post releases and so on!

    My painting has been almost non existent for the last six months at least which is really annoying me so I will be cracking out the paints and brushes once I get back to get some painting done. Also having seen your sculpts have really inspired me to have a go at sculpting my own stuff too!

    All the best!

  3. No problem. I've hardly blogged recently because we got two dogs and I've been very busy. I've managed to do some painting but no blogging or updates to the site. Part of it is finding the time to set up and do photos.

    Thanks for the praise on the sculpts. They are currently with Curtis to be cast up. He thinks the corpse markers will sell well, so that's cool.