Monday, 10 May 2010

Ramshackle Release Crazies!


Ramshackle Games have released two new figures and can be found HERE

Drug Crazed Loonies

Retailing at £1.50 for the two and made of resin they are a good addition to any Nuclear Renaissance warband!

All the best!


  1. Cool. It seems like Curtis is rolling along with sculpting different thing at a good pace. I'm all for more resin figures too as they are cheap and easy to work with.

    I finished my first sculpted figure so I need to take some pictures and send it to Curtis to see if he is interested. It would be very cool to have something of my own sculpted in resin.

  2. It is indeed great to see Curtis releasing more miniatures!

    I cant wait to see what youve sculpted yourself! Would it be possible to send me some pics of it too!

    All the best!

  3. I will definitely send pictures but I've been having issues getting the camera to pick up the details well. It's not the best figure as things stand so I need all of the lighting/camera help I can get.

    Basically it's a chappie in a gas mask with a gun and knife, leaning on a wall. I tried to make it so that it would cast in resin so that if Curtis was interested he could make it fairly easily. Definitely good fun to make and work on though.

    Let me try to get a picture tonight and I'll send it over.


  4. Cool looking minis! Good price too.

    Really really need to pick up some stuff!

  5. Hey Lt. Brittan, you can see the model (kinda) on my blog

    I need to get a better photo that is in more focus but this gives you some kind of idea.