Friday, 16 April 2010

Ramshackle Releases Hoverboard With Rider


Ramshackle have released a new Hoverboard kit, this time with a rider. It can be found HERE and retails for £3.50

Hoverboard With Rider

Underside Detail

All the best!


  1. This is a neat model and I'm impressed at how Curtis has sculpted the rider from Mad Russ and still given it individual flair.

  2. Hi!

    Its nice to see a version with a rider! It reminds me of the skyboards from the old Rogue Trader and theres been some interest in using it as a vehicle in 15mm scale!

    All the best!

  3. It was me, Duncan, who reworked the rider :)

    I had a Rogue trader Halfling army mounted on hover boards, so I guess the memory of that may have come through to the end model.

    Am using some as replacements for either bikes or jump infantry in a Space Puppy army.